Going for nice walks and enjoying the beautiful scenery and cultural-historical monuments of the quiet, nearly uninhabited world of the Corrèze.

The ‘Xaintrie’, situatied in the souternmost tip of the Corrèze in the foothills of the Massif Central, is a walking area eminently suited for this purpose.

You can choose between different walking and hiking trips, such as the GR № 480 (Grand Randonnée). Auberge des Ruines de Merle lies at the start of several of these mapped routes, which are clearly signposted for walkers.

Besides theme routes such as the bird and monument routes, 11 walking and hiking trips have been plotted with different levels of difficulty, from light walks to the experienced walker.

The walking maps are waiting for you in the auberge!

Autour de Merle et de Carbonniès